Introducing Rationale…

This pioneering Australian brand has gathered many fans in its 30 years and we are thrilled to be able to share the brilliance of Rationale products and treatments with our FENN family.

Classical musician and cosmetic chemist, Richard Parker founded Rationale in 1992 - although his research and development began long before this, driven by a personal pursuit to develop skincare that supported and protected skin in the Australian climate. Rationale now delivers Luminous Skin for Life with a luxurious suite of formulations and treatment experiences that enlighten and transform complexions.

From their world-leading research laboratory at Rationale HQ in Melbourne, Rationale continues to focus on developing formulations which offer unparalleled environmental skin protection and repair, restoring natural beauty and radiance. The ultimate expression of a profound understanding of human skin, world-leading Australian solar research and Skin Identical technology, this suite of definitive formulations works synergistically with skin—and each other—to offer nourishing protection by day and revitalising repair at night, reanimating skin’s natural radiance.

The Rationale product range of the Essential Six Collections has been crafted around the six facets of skin luminosity: Resilience, Vitality, Brilliance, Integrity, Clarity and Renewal. Every Rationale Ritual is built upon these six facets and is tailored to your unique skin needs through a consultation with our therapists.

The Rationale Essential Six will be available at FENN alongside the EpiNova Brilliance Facial that aligns seamlessly with the FENN experience. A bespoke and luxurious treatment designed to deliver complexion clarity and targeted, individualised results through a tailored curation of treatment elements. Combined with micro-circulatory massage which uplifts and re-energises, while LED light therapy and ultrasonic technology elicit skin revitalisation, renewal and deep radiance this 90 minute experience will allow for our therapists to assess your skin in accordance with the Rationale protocols and align Rationale within your existing skincare rituals.

We are excited to be able to offer our clients this range that sits comfortably alongside our existing offering of results driven, consciously crafted and formulated products and treatments. We believe Rationale will enhance your skin care rituals and we invite you to explore and experience the Rationale range at FENN.

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