About FENN

Founded Clare McColl


FENN is a distinctive skincare and wellness destination, crafted by Clare McColl. Situated in the heart of Paddington, FENN adopts a holistic approach to skincare, merging traditional methods with contemporary luxury.

With a wealth of experience that spans across differing approaches to skin health, Clare has spearheaded the creation of FENN as an expert-led concept store. The establishment seamlessly blends innovative concepts with time-honoured techniques, presenting a retail and treatment experience of utmost integrity.

United by a shared passion for holistic skin health, Clare and her team at FENN prioritise client individuality and the belief in education as empowerment. Through personalised consultations, they meticulously tailor product recommendations and curate bespoke facials to address each client's unique needs. FENN emerges as a sanctuary where expertise meets luxury, offering a bespoke experience for those seeking holistic skincare solutions.