About us

Founded by Nicole Manning + Clare McColl


Friends and founders of Fenn, Nicole and Clare

FENN is a unique skincare and wellness destination founded by two of Australia’s leading skin therapists, Clare McColl and Nicole Manning. Nestled in the heart of Paddington, FENN takes a unique and holistic approach to skincare, bringing together traditional and modern techniques in a contemporary luxury setting.

With a combined 25 years of local and international experience, Clare and Nicole have come together to create an expert-led, concept store that blends innovative ideas with traditional techniques, delivering a high-integrity retail and treatment offering. Initially connecting over their shared love and deep understanding of holistic skin health, the duo have instilled this philosophy within their team at FENN.

Client individuality is at the heart of their approach along with a belief that education is empowerment. The team at Fenn work with clients to understand their unique needs and deliver a bespoke experience from tailored product recommendations to bespoke facials designed entirely to meet their client's individual needs.