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When it comes to that radiant glow on your big day, we have you covered. This month we share how the FENN philosophy ensured glowing skin for Clare on her wedding day.

Clare's approach to Wedding-day skin

Bringing together her friends and loved ones on her family property in Goondiwindi earlier this year to celebrate over a number of days, glowing skin was of course a non-negotiable for FENN co-founder Clare.

In true Clare style, it was a multi-day celebration taking in the sights and sounds of her home town. Warm weather, lots of sun and variable conditions meant that great healthy skin would be the foundation of looking her best.

“You’ll shine your brightest when you are relaxed, rested and able to be your happiest self”

At FENN, we work with our clients to establish a clear, structured skincare routine to make sure our brides are completely comfortable and confident in their skincare preparation.

Having this structure removes skincare as a stress and instead makes it a joy - a positive aspect of the preparation. Reduced stress, combined with a healthy diet (often supported by our Natropathy offering) goes a long way to ensuring a clear complexion on the big day.

For many of our clients, there is a general desire to use less makeup and let their glowing skin do the talking.

“I prefer to wear minimal makeup day-to-day. I knew I'd be most comfortable if I stayed true to this 'no makeup, makeup look' on my wedding day"

The FENN Philosophy

It is no surprise that Clare practices the FENN philosophy. Regular treatments that invigorate the skin with gentle actives and LED light therapy plus a bespoke lineup of skin care products to target concerns and maintain hydration. “It’s a tried and tested formula” says McColl “I just amped it up in the lead up to the wedding”

A key player in her skin care routine is the iconic Rationale range, she began trialing products before they hit the shelves at FENN, introducing new products requires consideration but, Clare says she felt confident with the range and was excited to start integrate them into her existing routine.

"I was very conscious of not overwhelming my skin with new ingredients. I focussed on anti-inflammatory ingredients, retinol, and vitamin b’s - are all ingredients I know my skin loves"

It’s a considered approach, and Clare strongly recommends locking in your skin care lineup well before the wedding day so you know it works and avoid any last minute sensitivities or blemishes.

It is important to give your skin time to adapt to new ingredients, well in advance of an event. At FENN we tend to drip feed new products to monitor the way skin reacts and give time for the body to adjust.

For many of our clients, this includes retinols and the use of more active ingredients which can yield incredible results when introduced correctly.

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A radiant bride.

Clare's Treatment Plan

It's best to talk to your skin therapist 6-months out to discuss your skin goals for the day and how to reach them. Clare's treatment plan included a monthly facial consisting of microdermabrasion, AHA peel, LED light therapy and ultrasound infusions and hydrating mask. FENN's facialist Lauren performed all her treatments in the lead-up.

Clare also highly recommends separate LED light therapy sessions. Almost religious in her approach, she initially would do a weekly light therapy session and then from 8 weeks out upped it to twice a week and included hydration infusion masks to follow each.

“I am such a huge advocate for Light Therapy” says Clare. “It's incredibly stimulating and over time will help to plump, refine and smooth the texture of your skin."

Results with the light are cumulative so we recommend any bride do a program of lights over a 6-8 week period before the big day. "It's also just good for the soul! Getting under that light is so meditative, and helps to dissolve any wedding planning stress!”

Is there a secret ingredient?

Clare worked with FENN’s resident naturopath, Alice for her advice on how to boost your complexion from the inside out. This is a core belief of the FENN philosophy and results in that extra special glow.

Alice recommends zinc, collagen and water, on top of a clean diet for maximum glow and vitality.

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The Morning of the Wedding

The morning of the wedding, Clare said she approached her skin care simply, knowing that her prep had paid off and her skin felt hydrated, clear and glowing. She started with a cleanse then followed with a thorough exfoliation.

She used the Omnilux LED Contour mask for 10 minutes and then applied a Medik8 BioCellulose Sheet Mask to hydrate her skin before makeup application.

For Clare, hydrated skin is the key to a healthy and vibrant complexion, and will also provide the best base for your makeup, and help maintain it well into the night.

"Enjoy your day and be present as it just flies by... To be surrounded by everyone you love the most is so special. Nothing beats it."

Clare's skincare line-up

Clare's selection of products were sourced exclusively from the FENN range.

In the morning, ahead of the lunchtime wedding.

In the evening, before the reception dinner.