House of Sculpt


Tell us a little something about you and how House of Sculpt came to be…

We have both been movement instructors and Classical ballet teachers for a combined 25 years, and when Sascha and I connected over the shared want for a Pilates class without the BS, the BS being the ‘slim down here, tone up there’ narrative, we decided it was time to step into some intentional action.

We began HOUSE OF SCULPT with the mission to help people to reframe what exercise means to them. To enable people to see challenge as an opportunity to grow and movement as a means to empower themselves.

What does movement mean to you?

My time on the mat is a chance to understand myself better and it’s also the needed reminder that it’s in those hard moments, usually during a side plank, when I really want to give up, that real growth and change happens.

How does your approach to skin health align with your movement philosophy?

My approach to skin health is holistic, ever-evolving and at times very simple. And much like my approach to movement – some days or weeks are better than others. Some days I’m glowing, moving, ticking all the boxes, doing the skincare routine without fault, yet on others my dermatitis takes the stage, I’ve got a pimple in the middle of my head before a shoot and I CBF’d to get on the mat. But that’s life? and it’s on those crappy days where I can go, “alright, we’re ok, time to course correct” that hold the most significance.

What do you feel is the role of movement in overall health & wellbeing?

I think we forget that we only have one body. Scary, I know, but looking after it should be our no.1 priority. If we can look after ourselves, we can then look after others. Movement not only addresses our physical health but also our emotional landscape. It reduces stress and stagnant energy, it builds endurance and resilience and makes us all much easier to be around! It also reminds us that we can do hard things and ~survive~.

How does your approach to movement shift to align with the different seasons of your life?

HOUSE OF SCULPT’s approach to movement supports the natural ebb and flow of life. We aim to support people during the seasons they want to hit GO, where ‘more’ feels right, as well as the seasons of slow, steady and secure. We believe that a good relationship with exercise doesn’t mean we can do it all the time – it’s when life gets in the way and exercise cannot be a priority that we can still have positive and respectful thoughts towards ourselves and our bodies.

How does your approach to movement differ from mainstream attitudes towards physical exercise?

The mainstream approach to movement is usually tied up in guilt and shame. It’s usually pushing the narrative that you need to move so you can shrink, be less, fit the mould. Our approach is to enable clients to feel and understand the power of moving to feel better than good.  Where you feel the desire to move to be more. More present, more alive, more energized and more confident in the beautiful body you’ve already got. If we can move from a place of genuine love and care for ourselves, the rest will fall into place.

In the last five years, what new belief, behaviour or habit has most improved your life?

Vedic Meditation, I literally refer to my life as ‘before vedic’ and ‘after vedic’ haha.  And of course, doing the work to shift my mindset around my body and exercise. I hand on heart feel such a deep gratitude for my able, pain free, healthy body and it just feels so good to finally be here. Looking after myself whether that looks like a hard session in the studio or simply saying no, suddenly became so much easier when I truly started to honour myself completely.

Favourite pilates outfit?

Pinky and Kamal – stylish, sustainable and so comfy. We also have a discount code for you all! Use the code ‘HOUSEOFSCULPT’ for 15% off.

Current FENN/ skincare favourites….

The NeoSculpt facial is No.1 on my list for now. Have you seen this post?! I can’t stop watching it. It’s like Pilates, for your face… who could say no to that?

Although a cult classic – FENN Foundation. From start to finish it is like you’re in a trance. An indulgent experience without sacrificing results.

Listening to….

Podcasts: Corrective Culture, Pretty Hard, Offline with Alison Rice


1882 – can the next season of Yellowstone get a move on?


Status Anxiety – Alain De Botton + Lessons in Chemistry – Bonnie Garmus


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