A Travellers Guide To Good Skin


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No matter how you slice it, an overseas flight is quite the undertaking, particularly from Australia. Travelling in general can be tough on your skin, so it's important to be prepared; arm yourself with a few trusty essentials to treat any issues that may arise when you get there. Plus a few in-flight tips and treatments to mitigate what you can from mid air.

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Preflight TLC

If maintaining your skin’s glow is top of mind, schedule a treatment a couple of days before your trip in order to oxygenate your skin, thoroughly cleanse and hit it up with a decent dose of LED Light Therapy, at the very least. That way your skin is in good condition before you even set foot in an airport. On the day of the flight, we recommend washing your face with a gentle cream or balm cleanser; then layering on a hydrating serum - we are devoted to Medik8’s Hydr8 B5 Intense - which will support the skin’s natural barrier and protect it from environmental damage, before sealing everything in with a rich cream moisturiser, such as our new fav from RAAIE, their Cocoon Ceramide Cream and a decent swath of the Maryse’s Treatment Balm to your lips and around your nose (or any sensitive, prone to irritation patches)

Watch What You Eat—Before You Board

The best defence is a good offence, and in advance of air travel, what goes into your body in the 24 hours leading up to your departure is important. “Alcohol and caffeine can significantly disrupt the quality of your sleep, so be mindful of your intake and try to avoid it as best as possible,” says our naturopath, Alice, and take note: Heavy, fatty, or spicy meals ahead of a trip can also hinder rest. “Aim to eat lighter meals, and if the flight is at night, try and eat a combination of complex carbohydrates and protein beforehand as the combination can help with increasing sleepiness,” she says, noting seed crackers, oatmeal, bananas, low-fat cheese, greek yoghurt, and cherries as pacifying snacks to try before takeoff.

If you’ve fueled enough before your flight, you may want to opt out of the microwaved, nutrition-deficient in-flight meals and salty processed snacks offered onboard altogether and consider intermittent fasting instead; it will not only help get your circadian rhythm on track for your next destination, but can aid in detoxification, stabilise your metabolism, and even help you process the jet lag. Not to mention, it will ensure you’re not exacerbating “jet bloat,” which happens as the cabin altitude air pressure increases and contributes to more discomforting gas in the intestines. A convincing argument!

To support the gut while travelling Alice recommends putting together a care pack with a few of the following:

  • Herbal tea (especially for the plane) - digestive supportive teas include fennel, ginger, peppermint & dandelion root
  • Saccharomyces Boulardii - a probiotic yeast that supports the gut and reduces the incidence of travellers diarrhoea.
  • Magnesium: a great travelling companion; will help with digestion, nervous system, sleep, energy and hydration. Mix in with extra electrolytes such as Hydrolyte sachets for a nice reset.
  • Psyllium husk / slippery elm/ coconut charcoal powder supplements can help to regulate bowel movements (which can be a bit of of whack with travel) + reduce digestive symptoms associated with flying & eating out of routine
  • Zinc - often travelling means increased alcohol consumption! If this sounds like you, add a zinc supplement to your travel kit as zinc assists the body to metabolise alcohol, as well as supporting the immune system & skin while you are away.

Pack your own snacks! To ensure adequate protein intake (which can fall to the wayside when travelling), pack a few of your own nutrient-dense snacks:

  • Protein bars (Chief Collagen / Blue Dinosaur bars)
  • a Locolove bar (or three!)
  • Nuts + seeds (we love a Darl Bar)
  • Popcorn
  • Pearl Collagen travel sachets to add into coffee / water / meals

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

It almost feels too obvious to say but, flying greatly impacts your hydration status. Experts recommend at least 500 mls per hour in the air, which can feel like a tall order for a long-haul flight and upping your water intake preflight will give you a jump start.

Up in the air, Alice, advises drinking warm liquids, like hot water with lemon or a herbal tea. “Ginger is warming and soothing to the tummy, as well as helps with peripheral circulation, such as cold fingers and toes,” she explains, adding that she always travels with a plastic bag of grated ginger and an empty thermos, which a flight attendant fills up with hot water. Continuous bathroom breaks may be tedious, but they’ll get your body moving, which is essential for maintaining healthy circulation and fatigue-fighting oxygen levels, as well as avoiding muscle cramps.

In Flight Facial...

Doesn’t hurt to give your skin some TLC mid air.

  • Omnilux Contour Face LED mask - it may feel very *extra* but it’s a great in flight or late night accessory to give your skin a boost.
  • Poet’s Atelier Serum - a beautiful broad spectrum, bio fermented serum that works to project and repair the skin barrier; a must when exposing your skin to new environments / climates
  • Hyeja Heartleaf Calming Niacinamide Serum: a soothing and hydrating layer to counteract environmental aggressors
  • JR Hydrating Mist - a simple spritz when you’re on the go can deliver a quick hit of hydration and refresh the face if feeling sluggish
  • JR Hydration Mask - slather on right before you slide your eye mask on and wake up *fresh*

Get Moving…

Chances are it’s the last thing you’ll feel like doing, but there’s nothing like some cardio and a good stretch to help deal with jet lag. Getting the lay of the land with a quick jog or walk when you arrive means you can sneak in some exercise while checking out the neighbourhood and finding a spot to get coffee in the morning. Check out local pilates, yoga or spin classes ahead of time, it can be a fun way to immerse yourself in your destination or set out a towel or travel mat for some quick moves, we love House of Sculpt for a guided workout from the comfort of your hotel room.


  • Mini’s: we love a travel pack - perfect hand luggage sizes - We will be stocking travel mini’s from Tronque, Chloe Zara and Raaie.
  • A hair mask can be a total saviour when you find the water quality harsh on your hair, or endless ocean swims start to dry hair out. We love the Sandor Ritual Hair Oil.
  • Outside Beauty Primer: wherever you’re jetting off too, whatever the season, don’t be caught without a reliable SPF.
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